Finishing off the painting in the student residence!

It's been a very busy time for us in the decorating trade recently. We have been parachuted in to help out in an emergency for a student halls of residence in a nearby city that has fallen behind in its refurbishment - even as we paint, plumbers and electricians are busy finishing the room up next door for us to move into. And outside, taking advantage of the nice weather, we have also been busily coating exterior walls with paint and touching up old windows.

It all makes me wonder if I could make any headway with an amusing blog entitled "what I've painted this week!" - much in the manner of that old Fast Show sketch.

Hmm. Not sure if that would gather many readers.

We will be finishing off the student residency very soon (they should be moving in within the next two weeks!) as well as the exterior decorating we are currently engaged with. After, in September, and as the weather darkens and moves closes in, we will move back to the interiors.

Luke K.

I run a team of decorators and painters in Hereford, England. We have decades of experience between us and we service clients, both commercial and residential, within a 30 miles radius of the city.